Examination of the professional and intercultural aptitude of the applicants (basic package)

To find the best possible candidate for your company, not only professional skills are important. Personality is of crucial importance for a sustainable commitment to your company. We therefore first check the cultural suitability of the candidates and their motivation to work in a foreign country and to integrate there. If these prerequisites are met, we create realistic expectations and check whether the personality of the applicants matches your job advertisement. Of particular importance is whether the person can identify with your company, whether he or she would be a good addition to your team and whether he or she can make a positive contribution to the development of your company.

In addition to the integration in the country, we also consider the welcome policy of your company as an important aspect for sustainable cooperation between you and the selected person. With a workshop we prepare your company or your work colleagues for the cultural differences and thus enable a smooth start of work. Our foreign roots and our experience as German entrepreneurs give us a good understanding of how to successfully bring different cultures together. Through this workshop, internal communication problems can be avoided from the outset. Furthermore, the new employee can be introduced to previously unknown or special working methods of your company. With regard to these questions, we are always at your disposal.

  • Check of expectations
  • Potential analysis
  • Introductory course to German culture
  • Integration workshop into the company

Relocation to Germany and integration (additional service)

Once a person has been successfully selected, we begin with their integration in Germany. In this process we support and accompany the selected person on topics such as visas, housing, insurance and, if required, further German courses. In this way, we ensure that the selected person will be able to find his or her own way in Germany in the long term. In this respect, we offer to relieve your company of the burden of integration and ensure that the new employee can fully focus on his or her work with you.

  • Accompaniment in the visa procedure
  • Help with finding accommodation
  • Support with contracts and insurance
  • Introduction to social circles

Further consulting and support services (additional service)

Even after the start of work, we offer further accompaniment/supervision as an additional service. We will continue to be at your disposal in an advisory capacity until the end of the probationary period. In this way, we ensure that our integration programme is successfully implemented. If necessary, the support can be extended beyond this period. Should additional requirements arise that call for further-reaching skills, we will be happy to support you in the areas of identifying and optimizing potential and also with regard to further development to management level (EQ-TRAIN).

  • Telephone consultation in case of any problems with new employees
  • Review of the integration package
  • Continuing workshops
  • Communication Coaching
  • Teambuilding / -optimization training
  • INSIGHTS MDI personality analysis
  • ASSESS Competence analysis (leadership competencies)