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We help you to increase your employee engagement

HR-Analytics tool

Make data-driven decisions.

We have the right questions to determine the actual situation of your employees. The outcome of this minimal time effort is a solid base for best decisions.

12 weeks program

Equip your leadership.

Our 3-months leadership program equips your middle and top management. They will get a plan how to engage your employees. You will see progress.

12 months program

Empower your leadership.

Our 12-months leadership program empowers your middle and top management to adequately use all tools anytime to maximize the employees outcome. You will see great progress.

Optimize your employees and win

We make it super-simple for you to increase your employees productivity and to safe money

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What is your core competition?

N&P Connect is an extraordinary and renowned Business Consulting Company. We have great success optimising all aspects of Human resources. Companies benefit from a great increase of productivity, engagement and employee motivation after we have gone through our tailor-made programs together. We accompany our clients from data collection, analysis, interpretation, education until the implementation of sustainable strategies and solutions we have developed together with the companies top management before.

Which services you provide?

We offer a complete survey a of your company's performance parameters. We do this by using intuitive AI powered tools as well as big data analysis to provide a detailed picture of all the things that are going right for the company, the challenges that are faced and those processes that need attention and . You can stop here - or you may decide at your own discretion whether or not to take up the service where we accompany you to analyze, interpret, educate, develop strategies and solutions and implement them. You can choose between the short 12-weeks-program or the most recomandable 12-months-program.

For which companies this services are suited?

Our services provide a high value for companies starting from 50+ employees up to large companies and corporate groups.

How much time we have to invest for the Quantified.Company survey?

To start, we need approx 1.5 hours. Per employee you should plan 2x8 minutes.

What is the price per employee for the Quantified.Company survey?

This survey represents excellent value for money! Prices start already at $20 per employee.

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